Eco-Conscious Shopping for the Win: Why It Can Save You Money and How to Do It

No longer are the days where you have to choose between being an eco-conscious shopper and shopping within a budget. Coupons, promo codes, cashback offers, and sales afford you the opportunity to purchase high-quality sustainable goods at affordable prices. Without further ado, let’s dive into how you can be an eco-conscious shopper and not break the bank. 

Shop Recycled and Reclaimed

Reclaimed furniture utilizes materials from any source other than straight from the natural source (i.e. reclaimed wood can come from any source other than from a freshly fallen tree). Recycled furniture is new furniture that is created from other sources (i.e. water bottles recycled to make yarn, which is then used to create fabric). 

Deliberately searching for and purchasing furniture or housewares that are reclaimed or recycled can make a huge difference in your footprint on the earth. Purchasing eco-friendly goods from stores like Crate and Barrel is also a great way to get quality products. To offset the higher prices of sustainable furniture and housewares, be sure to look online for coupons and special offers before you shop.

Repurpose What You Have

If you think outside of the box and examine what you already have, you may find that you don’t need to purchase brand new items but can repurpose what you already have. For instance, you might have a table that is looking tattered and torn, but with some sanding and refinishing it can be beautiful again. A wooden crate can easily be converted into a wonderful footstool and make a beautiful addition to any room. Old clothes can be turned into rags, and nice fabric can be altered to make a dazzling blanket or scarf.  You would save a lot of money by repurposing and can further save by using rebates, coupons and promo codes on the materials you need.

Buy Less

Cheap goods come at a high price. That price is often high amounts of energy used to create mass amounts of products, increased toxic substances used, and dangerous working conditions. In order to offset fast fashion and furniture trends, consider buying fewer quantities and less frequently. But when you do purchase, buy from ethical, sustainable companies that are producing high-quality items with eco-friendly materials and processes. 

Over time, you will have a house full of furniture and a closet full of clothes that will last, that you’ve thought about, that tell a story, and that you can be proud of. You will end up spending the same amount of money as you would if you frequently bought fast products, but these goods will likely last longer. Again, to help offset the prices even further, search for deals in the form of coupons, sales, and promo codes.

Shop Local

Locally-made products typically use better materials and have a lower carbon footprint, since they don’t need to be shipped long distance. Additionally, locally-owned businesses have less processing and packaging than many major retailers. You will likely be purchasing higher quality products and will be supporting your local economy. Throughout the year, many local retailers will offer sales and coupons to help you offset the higher costs. 

Yes, you can shop with the planet in mind and save money! Along with using coupons, promo codes, and cashback offers, shop for recycled and reclaimed products when possible, and look for opportunities to repurpose some of the items you already own. Also, try buying fewer items less frequently, opting instead to buy higher quality items that will last longer. Finally, shop at your local establishments during sales.

Image via Pexels